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To send out Danish vets with the goal to sterilize and vaccinate street animals so we can help limit their numbers.

To give out information that can create a larger understanding and increased respect for street animals. One way is to give information to school children to give them a better understanding of the street animals. We will try to cooperate with Danish schools. The Danish children can tell about their daily lives with animals by making drawings and write texts where they describe how they treat pets in Denmark.

Travel agencies:
We will try to create a partnership with Danish travel agencies and through them give out information to the tourists who travel in the areas where we operate. We will make pamphlets where we describe how to behave as “a good tourist” and what you should do if you see an animal in need.

Feeding places and helpers:
We will try to create feeding places that can be monitored by a helper in the areas where we operate. The helper’s job will be to look after and feed the street animals that have been sterilized and let loose again. This should lead to healthier population of street animals and that they will bond to the place and the helper.

Cooperation all over the world:
We will cooperate and contribute with financial support to foreign organizations and animals’ homes that work to improve conditions for street animals.