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In large parts of the world, rabies and dog bites are a big health problem and especially children are very vulnerable. Local populations have put down a lot of dogs to solve the problem for many years, and a lot of dogs die painfully every day because they are given food with strychnine or broken glass. Studies have shown that the only outcome of this is an increase in the number of street dogs.

Only one method, the Animal Birth Control program, has proven effective when dealing with street dogs. This means the local population can accept the street animals and do not try to solve the problem themselves with primitive and horrifying killing methods.

The goal of Animal SOS is to find financial means etc. to launch ABC programs all over the world.

The purpose of Animal SOS is to organize and undertake projects that help street animals abroad. This will include the following items:

  1. Sending out and supporting Danish vets and veterinarian nurses in preparation for ABC programs (Animal Birth Control) and general disease control. The street animals are rounded up and neutered so the number of street animals can be kept at an acceptable level. Furthermore, it is out goal to keep the released street animals healthy by continuing vaccines and treatments against fleas, worms and mange.
  2. Giving out information that can create a larger understanding and increased respect for street animals. This includes information to school children and cooperation with Danish schools. The goal is to get the children in areas with a lot of street animals to change their behavior towards the animals. It might be possible that they could change their behavior towards the animals through stories from their Danish friends and thereby stop kicking, beating and ill-treat the animals. Basically, the conditions for the street animals can only become better and therefore it could be a small goal to make the local population stop their violent behavior and instead teach them to treat the animals better.
  3. Cooperation with Danish travel agencies for example. Handing out information material to the tourists before they travel to the areas where we operate.
  4. Support to establish and maintain local feeding programs that can look after and feed street animals that have been through an ABC program.

The mission of Animal SOS is to help street animal projects all over the world, thereby improving the life for street animals. This is going to happen by carrying out ABC programs on cats and dogs primarily, which will lead to a more controlled population of healthy street cats and dogs. The ABC programs try to castrate, ID mark, parasite treat and inoculate the animals and then try to make sure they stay in the same area where they can be fed by on a regular basis. The result should be that the number of animals should be kept down.

This mission means that it is not the goal of Animal SOS to support projects that involve adoption or internment of cats and dogs because this does not lead to a controlled population of animals in the area. On the contrary, it has been proven that removing (killing, adoption or internment) the animals from an area will not have a lasting effect and often the population will be back to normal and sometimes even larger in the area in a short amount of time. In Chennai (Madras) India, they tried to put down dogs between 1897 and 1996. They began with 100 a year but reached 30,000 a year in 1996. In 1997, they started an ABC program and within a few years the number of street dogs decreased dramatically, which lead to a decrease in the number of rabies related deaths among humans from 120 to 16 a year in the area.

Thus, we can only support ABC programs in areas where there is a continuing effort to keep a healthy population of street animals.